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... 'Artist, Reformer and Engineer'. Your Introduction to the Life and Work of John Martin, one of the Most Fascinating Men of Vision and Genius in Regency/Victorian England.

A major exhibition of John Martin's work opened at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle upon Tyne on 5th March - 5th June 2011.

To complement this exhibition, Haydon Bridge Development Trust ran an extensive series of Martin related events in and around Martin's birthplace of Haydon Bridge through March 2011 until December 2012.

For details of the John Martin Heritage events and arrangements Click here

A review of this website will also be undertaken as part of these events and much new content is to be added.

From June 22nd until September 4th 2011 the above exhibition moved to the Sheffield Millennium Gallery as 'John Martin: Painting the Apocalypse'

Click here for the details of the exhibition and events.

Finally, from 21st September 2011 - 15th January 2012 Tate Britain repeated and expanded the event as 'John Martin: Apocalypse'

There is a book, edited by exhibition curator Martin Myrone, celebrating this event Click Here 


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